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Every day, our employees help KeyBank grow through building enduring client relationships and providing great service. In return, KeyBank is a place where our employees can make a difference, own their career, be respected, and feel a sense of pride.

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Melissa Majkut
Associate Counsel

[Key’s] diversity has broadened my perspective.

What made you leave Key and then return?
“After graduating from law school I left to work for a Cleveland law firm before returning to Key as in-house counsel in 2011. My decision to return to Key was based primarily on the fact that I really liked the people I worked with here.”

What do you like about your KeyBank colleagues?
“Being part of a diverse and inclusive workplace means being surrounded, on a daily basis, by fresh ideas that foster innovative thought. That environment not only enhances my interactions with colleagues, it has helped me grow in my role. My colleagues in the Law Group have generously shared their perspectives about the realities of practicing law and have provided me with tremendous guidance as my career has developed – both as an employee of Key and as a practicing attorney.”

Why is diversity important to you?
“As a company, we are made up of such a wide variety of people with different backgrounds and life experiences. That diversity has broadened my perspective, which makes me more effective in my role as a legal advisor. I see myself primarily as a student, and I have a diverse network of mentors surrounding and supporting me every day here at Key. In time I have been able to give back and extend mentorship to others who are on the path of professional development.”

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Ryan Van De Boogaard
Leasing Manager

Demonstrating courage and leadership has been important to my success.

What has your career path looked like?
“I was first introduced into the financial services industry in college. While in school I was a Teller and Loan Operations Assistant for five years. I went through a management trainee program outside of banking and then decided to make the move back into the financial services industry. I started in Key Equipment Finance (KEF) as an Account Maintenance Analyst. From there I was promoted twice in four years within the same department, eventually becoming the manager of that department. This was my first opportunity to manage a team. I am grateful to Key for giving me a shot at building leadership experience.”

What made you stay with KeyBank?
“Continuous opportunity for career growth has been a major factor. Over time I have been exposed to valuable training programs, complex equipment financing transactions, opportunities to start new vendor programs and business units at Key Equipment Finance and opportunities to grow my leadership responsibilities. In total I have achieved four promotions in nine years.”

What factors have been important to your success?
“I’ve always made it a point to show initiative and demonstrate managerial courage and leadership. I've also been fortunate to have excellent leaders here at Key who encouraged me to seek out opportunities to develop my career.”

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Shaquira Johnson
VP, Initiative Development Manager, Business Banking

I am most excited when I see diversity and inclusion in action at Key.

How would you describe your experience with KeyBank leadership?
“We have some very distinguished leaders here at KeyBank. Some are known nationally through the work they do here at Key as well as the community organizations they serve. This gives us direct access to a wealth of knowledge to help us direct our own careers, no matter where we are in our own journey. I appreciate our leadership teams’ openness and willingness to share their own personal experiences. Access to our leadership has positively impacted my career development.”

What other factors have been important to your career development?
“I have focused on building relationships internally and externally to extend my network. It has paid off to stretch myself beyond my personal comfort zone and take advantage of professional development opportunities to increase my skillset in and outside of my current position. Carving time out of an already busy schedule to get involved and be a committed and dedicated volunteer to causes that are important to me has also allowed me to become a well-rounded leader.”

Have you seen Key’s promise of a diverse and inclusive workplace play out in the day-to-day?
“Key’s success when it comes to incorporating diversity and inclusion into our workplace culture pays dividends every day. I am most excited when I see diversity and inclusion ‘in action’ at Key. It’s exciting to know my company took the time to create a new department that focuses on corporate responsibility, invested in making a video with the CEO to share the diverse stories of its employees, devotes resources to plan diversity networking groups and events and continues to build initiatives and strategies to support the diverse needs of the communities we live in. It shows how we as a company don’t just talk about diversity and inclusion. We put forth the effort to make it happen.

Helping employees understand the importance of D&I is critical to enabling Key’s growth and advancement as a company. We enrich our lives when we take the time to immerse ourselves in conversations and/or events representing diversity in thought and leadership.”

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Dan Emmons
Licensed Relationship Manager

I’ve been empowered to
succeed in all my roles.

Did you already have banking experience when you joined Key?
“My career with KeyBank began as a Teller working between two branches. I had no prior banking experience. When the opportunity came along to continue to work full-time out of a branch, I took advantage. After the completion of the Fast-Track Teller to Banker training, I was placed as a Personal Banker.”

How did your career path progress from there?
“One year later, I was asked to participate in our Licensing Program and became a Licensed Relationship Manager. Six months after that, I was asked to participate in the Fast-Track Banker to KCM program. Along the way, my hard work has paid off and I have been thankful to receive awards from Key, such as the Signature Circle Award for 2013 and Elite Circle of Excellence for 2015.

Throughout my career at KeyBank, the leadership I’ve received has had the biggest impact on my development. My hiring manager has been more of a mentor than a boss. With her guidance I’ve been empowered to succeed in all my roles.”

Have you had to overcome challenges along the way?
“No matter what the job is, we all experience challenges in our careers. What matters most is how you move forward to power through those challenges. Over the years, I’ve developed certain skills and practices that contribute to my development and success. One of these practices is my willingness to learn new things. Even after five years with the bank, I learn something new every day. I love being the master of my profession and live every day with passion for what I do.”

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Lisa Han
Senior Client Manager

My journey at Key is constantly evolving.

Do you feel that there is room for advancement at Key?
“My journey at Key is constantly evolving. I’ve been with Key for 12 years and I have found continuous opportunities to grow and diversify my skillset. From sales support to retail branch management, to now working as a Senior Client Manager supporting Enterprise Commercial Payments, the experiences and trainings that I’ve acquired have helped me get to a place in my career where I feel very proud of all I have accomplished.”

What has contributed to your advancement?
“I really enjoyed the various Fast-Track programs that were available in Retail Banking. Those programs provided the tools and resources I needed to help shape my understanding of the business and my role. Working at the branch level is where I really developed my skills in managing and servicing a portfolio of business and personal banking clients.”

How has working at Key impacted you on a personal level?
“The teams I have worked with here at Key have welcomed my never stop learning approach to work. The encouragement to be myself in the workplace has been really important in my loyalty to KeyBank. Sharing the knowledge I have accumulated over the years with others also gives me pride and passion for the work that I do.”

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Amy Gestal
VP, Business Development

Always finding a healthy balance contributes to my success.

What has had an impact on your career development here at KeyBank?
“I carry a handful of mantras from my father with me: ‘Loose lips sink ships,’ ‘There are no free lunches,’ ‘Keep your eye on the ball,’ and ‘There is no crying in baseball.’ I agree with all of them, except for the last one. Expressing emotion and being aware of the other person’s needs is a great way to connect with clients and colleagues. I imagine that this is an important part of my career development – to really listen to people.”

What is one of the challenges you have faced in your career development? How did you overcome that challenge?
“I was accepted into the Structured Career Experience program and my rotations within the bank were in areas I didn't know anything about. Although this opportunity was outside of my comfort zone, it really helped accelerate my career by enabling me to learn about other areas of the bank. I became, not only a trusted advisor externally, but also internally. I spent time in credit, underwriting deals and in investment banking learning about the bank’s leveraged finance capabilities. As my career evolves I continue to see how stepping outside my comfort zone pays dividends.”

Do you have a best practice that has contributed to your success?
“A good practice is to listen and learn about others. I spend time learning about my colleagues and clients’ interests – such as knowing their birthdays, about their families, and what they do in their free time. Also, I participate, read, attend and interact in activities that energize me. I spend my time with my family, playing sports and learning. I believe that always finding a healthy balance has a direct impact on my professional success.”

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